GOT7 coming back with GOT7 EP in May 2022

Got7 Concept 3 Finishing Touches

The long wait is coming to an end when GOT7 release their comeback details after launching their official accounts in the beginning of the month.

On 12 May, the track list is released and it will be no surprise to ahgases to know that the members are involved in producing the songs in the album. Their title track NANANA is produced by leader Jay B as Def along with iHwak and Royal Dive.

Other members that are involve in production including Youngjae as Ars, Yugyeom and Jinyoung.

Got7 Ep Got7 Track List

FANCON – Concept Photos

17 May 2022 – Side track from the album a little. GOT7 just posted the concept photo for their upcoming Fancon [HOMECOMING] and it gives us a warm fuzzy feeling.


17 May 2022, the final concept image for the album was released and we are now at the finishing touches of the GOT7 EP.

Concept 2 – [PACKING UP]

16 May 2022, GOT7 dropped their 2nd concept images of the group and individual members.


On 15 May 2022, GOT7 dropped their first concept images and our first glimpse of the concept and style of each members.


Feels like a birthday month for all ahgase after seeing the schedule for the releases of different surprises pacing up to the comeback MV release and album dropped on 23 May 2022, Monday at 6PM (KST).

Got7 Ep Got7 Schedule Announcement
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