What we know about GOT7’s upcoming comeback – Breath of Love: Last Piece

GOT7 Breath of Love: Last Piece Teaser Poster 1

Strike at 12 AM (KST), GOT7 dropped the poster for the upcoming November comeback as a teaser. Album title Breath of Love: Last Piece will be release on 30 November at 6PM (KST) and we will be expecting a pre-release on 23 November.

It has been more than 6 months since their last release, Not by the Moon in April 2020. Ahgases (fans) have been waiting for the comeback and now rewarded.

2 title tracks

This is probably the first time (correct me if I’m wrong in the comments) that we are seeing two title tracks in a single album.

Check out the teaser for Breath

Here’s the track list for the album

Got7 Breath Of Love Last Piece Track List

Album spoiler showcase a short clip of each song included in the album.

From the spoiler, I’m really drawn to Spoiler and Wave and of course, Breath still holds a special place.

Album versions

There are seven different versions of the album and each version is for one member only. Apparently we are unable to select which version you can buy but it is still going to be pleasant surprise when you receive it.

Group concept images

Individual member concept images

Starting from the leader, JB and his mullet hair is back since Look.

Mark Tuan is up next and we are seeing the model/photogenic post from him.

Jackson Wang showing off his pastel pink hair for Breath of Love: Last Piece.

Breath-taking concept that Jinyoung is trying to pull off with his long hair.

Is it me? Or this is Youngjae’s era?

Bambam rocking that hairstyle!?!

Yugyeom, magnae looks so grown up already!

For more updates, check out GOT7’s twitter account.

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