GOT7 first Daesang from Asia Artist Awards


Really proud and happy moment last night when GOT7 receive their first ever daesang on the stage of AAA (Asia Artist Awards) in Vietnam.

My twitter timeline was happily flooded by ahgases around the world and all of us are so so so happy that they are recognized that night.

Daesang – Performance of the Year – GOT7

From the moment they are called, the smile from them (especially JB) walking towards the stage to their speech. When Jinyoung asked the Emcees to hold on more for them to thank some people that they need to. Ending off with

Got7 First Daesang From Asia Artist Awards

I think 2019 was quite a cold year. By receiving this great award and from the warm strength we received from our sunbaes, we will share this strength with our hoobaes and hope that 2020 will be a warm year. – translated by @JustForJinyoung

(It is indeed not the best year for the K entertainment industry. Love how he describe it as a “cold” year and hope the award receive can spread the warmth. Secretly hope X1 and IZ One receive this message.) 

Before the proud moment, GOT7 also received the award for Best K-Culture (Singer). Follow by their performance of You Calling My Name, Crash & Burn finish off with Hard Carry. Yes, Hard Carry is back on stage and I just love when they perform old titles.

Other clips also shows that sunbaes and hoobaes are all impressed by their performance. Super Junior‘s Shin Dong said “So cool” and Kyuhyun said “That’s perfect”. Of course, our JYP junior, Stray Kids are fan boy-ing behind Super Junior and that is really cute (never sick of this).

For the full list of winners.

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