GOT7 – New Sub unit? World tour?

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Just OMG!

At 13 Feb 2019, 12AM (KST), both JYP Entertainment and GOT7 Official Twitter Account dropped the 18 seconds teaser that is leaving mystery for ahgases to solve.

What ahgases decipher during the 12 hours spent, which I feel that I’m in a fandom with talented detectives!

  • Sub unit? JUS2 
  • “First dot connects with the last dot, means JB and Yugyeom?”
  • The hashtag #AND_THE_STORY_BEGINS left a blank for us to fill in the black
    • Korea Ahgases are suspecting the MiRACLE pre-order gift calendar is the hint of how the Sub-units are going to form.
      • JB, Yugyeom
  • Concert Organizers from Singapore (One Production) and Thailand Retweeted the post makes everyone think that it is a world tour teaser.

12 hours later

12 hours later at 12PM (KST), they reveal the image of 2 members.


With the caption


Source (1)

Everyone confirms that one of the member is surely Yugyeom, but who is the other one? There’s definitely a debate going between either JB or Bambam.

Since most of the members wear earrings and have mullet at certain point of time, it is hard to define. Shall wait for either the official site to confirm, or our dear talented ahgases.

If it is JB and Yugyeom, it will be a dark and sexy sub-unit! Are you prepared?


Official release confirmed that this is the second sub-unit after JJ Project. Source (1) While everyone is debating if this is JB or Bambam, JB posted a photo on his personal Instagram account and tagged Yugyeom.

Our talented fan artist @abimabima drew this which symbolize Jinyoung passing the “JB Baton” to Yugyeom for the sub-unit. I love it and feel sad at the same time, just hope they are not going to stop promotions for JJ Project. I really love JJP, they are soulmates…!

Got7 New Sub Unit World Tour
Art by: @abimabima