GOT7 released the impactful ‘Last Piece’ MV

GOT7 Breath of Love: Last Piece Teaser Poster 3

The long awaited comeback is here and the title track ‘LAST PIECE’ MV dropped at 6 PM (KST). The continuation of the 1st title track ‘BREATH‘ with the set and a few elements like lip sync from other members part are found, also the production like hard cuts and teleport edits in the MV.

Wanted to say this is a Youngjae Era but he is missing in the entire good 2/3 of the MV, but ahgases can sure spot him through voice recognition. The increased scenes from Mark really make him shine, the solo dances, the 97s chingu dance part, Jinyoung’s high notes.

Definitely did not let us down, in fact, it is a really good production and comeback. Check out the MV here!

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