GOT7 wants you to “Call my name”


Long awaited comeback is finally here before 2019 ends! The last release was Spinning Top: Between Security and Insecurity.

GOT7 is back with yet another amazing song and I am really liking this sexy concept and the song is crazy good.

Album name: Call My Name EP
No. of tracks: 6
Album released: 4 November 2019

It is out on iTunes, Spotify, and other platforms. The six (6) tracks includes title song
니가 부르는 나의 이름 (You Calling My Name), Pray, Now or Never (ft. Jonas Blue), Thursday, Run Away and Crash & Burn.

JB (known as Defsoul) was part of writing lyrics for 니가 부르는 나의 이름 (You Calling My Name), Pray, and Thursday. Jinyoung wrote in Run Away and magnae Yugyeom wrote Crash & Burn. (Source)

Check out their MV. Play attention to the dance moves as well!

Can’t wait for their live performance on various music showcases this week. To keep ahgases on the right beat, they release the Cheer Guide too. (Still love their reaction towards the cheers for Miracle’s first stage. That’s epic memory.)

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