GOT7’s Mark tease fans with an upcoming music collab with Sanjoy

MarkTuan and Sanjoy - One in a milliond

Following the very successful launch of his personal YouTube channel, GOT7’s Mark is now a free soul and artist that can create his own colors and projects. To thank fans for pushing his channel up to 1 million subscribers, Mark decides to release a video.

Informal set up in his bedroom, jumping up and down in joy when his channel hits 1 million subscribers. Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom) will be please to see the guest appearance by Milo (Mark’s puppy) looking excited and lost at the same time. Through the video, Mark made an announcement of his upcoming song release in Mid Feb 2021.

Mark will be collaborating with Sanjoy to release a song, One In A Million and it will be available on 12 Feb 2021.

MarkTuan and Sanjoy - One in a milliond
Mark Tuan and Sanjoy – One in a million

Check out his first video

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