GOT7’s Youngjae made his solo debut and is ‘VIBIN’ well

Youngjae First Solo Album

On 5 October 2021, the main vocal of GOT7 Choi Youngjae made his solo debut through his first solo album COLORS from Ars. It was first announced on his birthday on 17 September that he will be releasing the solo album that he is working very hard on and hope fans will like.

This is the first album that Youngjae release after joining Sublime Artist Agency. There are a total of 7 songs included in the album and as always he participates by writing it under his producer name Ars. Shoutout to BOYTOY, I see participating in almost the entire album!

  1. Beautiful (Written by Ars, BOYTOY, Disko (Blatinum), and Kuro (Blatinum))
  2. Tasty (Written by Ars, BOYTOY, Houdini, Peter Hyun(Blatinum), Young Sky(Blatinum), 후디니)
  3. VIBIN *title* (Written by ADN, Ars, BOYTOY, Disko(Blatinum), Peter Hyun(Blatinum), WDYoung Sky(Blatinum))
  4. Roses (Written by Ars, BOYTOY, Peter Hyun(Blatinum), Young Sky(Blatinum))
  5. Eternal (Written by Aaron Kim, Ars, BOYTOY, Isaac Han, Jay, Jay & Rudy, 아론킴)
  6. Moonlight (Written by Aaron Kim, Ars, BOYTOY, Houdini, Isaac Han, 아론킴, 후디니)
  7. Lonely (Written by Ars, Noday)

Youngjae is the final member to officially go solo in the music industry after GOT7 left JYP Entertainment together at the beginning of 2021. Completing the circle, members are dropping hints that they will be making a comeback as a whole soon.

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