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The 5 members girl group under JYP entertainment just made their first showcase debut, the 1st Single <IT’z Different> with their title track Dalla Dalla 달라달라 on 12 February 2019. (Source: VLive)

Official Website:
Official Facebook Page: @OfficialItzy
V Live Channel: Link here

MV “Dalla Dalla” breaks a record

The fastest record for a K-pop debut group! They reached 39 million and still going now!

Role in the group

If you are a kpop fan, you will probably know that each member within a group will have their own role or a part to play and usually consist of the Leader, Main Vocal, Dancer, Rapper and Magnae.

Leader – Yeri
Main Vocal – LiA
Dancer – Chaeryeong
Rapper – Ryujin
Magnae – Yuna (also the Vitamin of the group)

Screenshot 2019-02-14 at 12.46.46 AM.png
(from left to right) Yuna, LiA, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yeri.

I would say after watching the showcase, they are a group with a very different charm. It’s like discovering a rare stone which you know it is a gem.

Debut showcase

I guess this is “THE MOMENT” for all the idols when they first greet and meet the fans live. Host by Wonder Girls members, Yubin and Hyeri.

For the full episode, check it out in V Live.

If I’m going to judge based on their showcase’s attire, I guess the stylist is trying to make Ryujin stand out more. Only her outfit is brighter and at one glance, she definitely stands out a little more compared to the rest.

But nope, I still don’t have a bias yet since all of them caught my attention with their individual charm.

Fun fact: #1 Celebrity Sibling

Dancer, Lee Chaeryeong’s sister debut as IZ*ONE’s member Chaeyeon.

Fun fact: #2 Junho’s hidden weapon

Pre-debut days of Yeri, her stage at The Fan was amazing. Junho (from 2PM) introduce and recommend her as JYP’s hidden weapon which I think is a huge compliment coming from a senior in the entertainment.

Check out her performance here! (I only look it up when JYP released the news and names of the new girl group)

Fun fact: #3 Connection with BTS

I mean, everyone knows BTS and who are they, even if you are not a Kpop fan.

When JYP first released the teaser of itzy’s members, netizen starts to find out more about the members and realized 2 members are connected with BTS through LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel.

J-Hope and Ryujin’s scene. Jimin was there as well. 
Jungkook and Yuna. 

How funny when there are comments and articles mentioning BTS unintentionally shedding light on itzy instead of TXT (Big Hit’s new boy group).

Starting this Valentine’s Day, they will be promoting “Dalla Dalla” in the various music show. I’m ready for it! 

  • 14 Feb, Thursday: Mnet M Countdown
  • 15 Feb, Friday: KBS Music Bank
  • 16 Feb, Saturday: MBC Show! Music Core
  • 17 Feb, Sunday: SBS Inkigayo

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