IXFORM officially debut with title track ‘So Hot’

Ixform So Hot Debut Ep

IXFORM is a project group that silently announced their debut in late July 2021. A brief history for those to catch up, IXFORM is a 9 members Cpop group with trainees from the unfinished survival program Youth With You Season 3 [青春有你3].

Due to many controversies and allegations, iQiyi announced that the final Top 20 debut night show will not be aired and the program will end for good. However, later they confirmed the rumours by announcing the lineup of IXFORM. Even though they start to accept jobs and appear in multiple variety shows and magazines, they are singers without own music.

After multiple waves and months, they finally able to debut as a single with their own songs. Even though not all the members are on par in terms of capability, but I hope they will improve the boys will gain traction. Especially Lian Huai Wei, Neil Liu Guan You, Liu Jun.

Ixform 1st Ep Jiang Zhi Cover
IXFORM – 1st EP [将至] cover

The EP includes 2 tracks;

  1. So Hot
  2. Bet

#罗一舟 #唐九洲 #连淮伟 #刘冠佑 #邓孝慈 #孙滢皓 #刘隽 #段星星 #孙亦航

Concept (Black vs White)

Check out the PV (Performance Video)

Unfortunately, their tracks are not available in Spotify nor Apple Music (Marketing team, please do something or promote them better!). It is available on QQ Music, and other China only music platforms. However, international fans can listen to the tracks through YouTube.

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