Kim Woo Seok debut as solo artist with 1st Desire [Greed]

Kim Woo Seok - 1st Desire [GREED]

Kim Woo Seok debut with 1st DESIRE [GREED] today, 25 May 2020 and brings us such a good title track 적월 (赤月) Red Moon.

If you don’t know him, Woo Seok is artist under TOP Media and debut in the boy group UP10TION back in 2015 and later participated in Produce X 101 and debut as a member of X1 until it disbanded early 2020.

Finally after all the hiccups that the X1 boys are facing, Woo Seok is back and as a solo artist.

1st Desire [GREED] consist of 7 songs and its title track Red Moon. Check out the MV here.

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