Knowing them better – GOT7

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Recently fall for GOT7 after their latest comeback, [Lullaby] in their 3rd full album, Present: YOU.

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Present: YOU, GOT7

Honestly, I totally fall for Jinyoung and slowly it spreads to the other members. Really discover their charms individually and now totally understand why my sister is a hands-down ahgase (iGOT7, fandom name for GOT7).

I do have knowledge about the existence of this group through various reasons:

  • Drama: Dream High 2, JB and JR which form JJ Project.
  • Song: Just Right 딱 좋아
  • Variety show: Roommate Season 2 (Jackson is one of the fixed cast)
  • My sister always play their songs and MVs at home. (especially the song: You Are)
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Verse 2, JJ Project (left-to-right, Jinyoung, JB)

This is their 5th year since debut, and there’s a lot for me to catch up on. Here’s a condensed list of things that I watched and did because of them.

  • Download V LIVE (It is really important and I kind of sense the importance after that)
  • Follow all their SNS (Social Media accounts, and fan accounts)
  • Been to a few events in Singapore:
    • Jinyoung’s birthday at Cotton Dreams @ SCAPE
    • Yugyeom’s birthday at -82

Get to know them better

GOT7 is a boy group under JYP entertainment and they debut with the song Girls, Girls, Girls in 2014. Pre-debut, JB and then Junior (Jinyoung) made their debut as JJ Project with the song Bounce in 2012.

Official emojis: 🌴🐰👑🍑🌙🐍🌻

The members

🌴 JB (Im Jaebum), the Leader. Song writer name, defsoul (aka the Dad of the group)

Instagram @prdsdef

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🐰 Mark Tuan, the visual and rapper of the group from LA, America. He will melt your heart with his warm smile and ageyo! Coco’s dad!

Instagram @mark_tuan
Twitter @mtuan93

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👑 Jackson Wang, the rapper of the group from Hong Kong. Former fencing athletic in Hong Kong National Team.

He established his own label, TEAM WANG, which the main events happen in China.

YouTube, JacksonWangVEVO
Instagram @jacksonwang852g7

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🍑 Park Jin Young, the centre and vocalist (my bias). (aka the Mom of the group, Actor Park)

First know him as “JR” in Dream High 2 when I know “JB and JR”. After that he switch to Junior and end up finally using his birth name, Park Jinyoung.

Instagram @pepi_jy. Changed his username and finally upload a profile picture on 21 Nov 2018! @jinyoung_0922jy 

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🌙 Choi Youngjae, the vocalist of the group. (Song Writer Name, Ars) He got the most contagious smile ever!

Instagram @333cyj333
Twitter @GOTYJ_Ars_Vita

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Has the cutest maltese name Coco. He hates cucumbers!


🐍 Bam Bam, the rapper of the group from Bangkok, Thailand. Other names, double B. EASY~~~~~~

Instagram @bambam1a
Twitter @BamBam1A

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🌻 Kim Yugyeom, the youngest (maknae) and also the dancer of the group. HIT THE STAGE!

Instagram @yu_gyeom
Twitter @real_Kimyugyeom

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Variety Shows

  • Hard Carry Season 1, 10 episodes. You can watch it from V LIVE.
    • Favourite scene, #WanggaeParkgae in Canada!
  • Hard Carry Season 2, 5 episodes (MOST RECENT) You can watch it from V LIVE.
  • Law of the Jungle, Mark edition. You can watch it from Viu.
  • Law of the Jungle, JB edition. You can watch it from Viu.
  • Running Man, Mark and Jinyoung cuts
  • Running Man, GOT7 cuts
  • Weekly Idol, those that have GOT7
  • Making of Present: YOU (Youtube x GOT7)
  • Knowing Brothers, GOT7

Of course there are more than the above which some I’m aware but have not watched (especially Real GOT7) , or many more that I need to find out.

One of the rare KPOP group that I like all the members. But I got to admit, it is a little hard to differentiate Youngjae and Yugyeom in the beginning. Now, i’m cool!

After I got attracted by Jinyoung, I got exposed to understand the entire group better. And now, I feel like i’m going to be stuck into the JYP Nation soon. (Deja vu from the SHINee time to entire SM Town)