My favorite performance from MAMA 2019


I really feel that this year’s MAMA was not as hyped compared to just 2018. There are almost no collaboration stage and the time given for groups are minimum, I guess its due to the limited time given there’s only one MAMA 2019 stage this year.

#1 GOT7 – Eclipse, You Calling My Name, Crash and Burn

Mnet deleted their performance stage video from YouTube, so here’s the compiled version which you can find the dance from 5:55.

#2 ITZY – Dalla Dalla, Icy

#3 Monsta X – Forever, Never Die, Follow

#4 Oneus and ATEENZ – Kpop song mashup

The reason, because they include SHINee’s song in. Oneus started off with SHINee’s Sherlock and ATEENZ included SHINee’s View within the entire mashup.

#5 Chungha – Gotta Go

#6 BTS – Boy with Luv

#7 Seventeen – Fear

#8 Twice – Fancy

Glad that Jihyo made it for the stage performance. Spotted her disappear after the red carpet and did not appear to receive all the awards presented.

Hope MAMA 2020 will be awesome like 2018.

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