New duo B.O.Y debut in 2020

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B.O.Y (B Of You) 비오브유 is a new duo group that made out of ex-MYTEEN members, Song Yoo Bin (Song Yuvin) and Kim Kook Heon).

Here’s what we know so far.

Official fan club name: Meet You! The literal meaning of “meeting B Of You” and spelling out “my boy” by combining the abbreviated letters of ‘Meet You’ and ‘B Of You’ together.

Debut date: 7 Jan 2020 (6PM KST) with Phase One: YOU

Official colours: PANTONE 107 U (FFE552), PANTONE 316 C (004851), and PANTONE 4280 C (252A36)
Official Twitter account: @official_bofyou

New Duo B O Y Debut In 2020

A few more days to their debut stage, here’s the teaser of My Angel.

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