Reunited at Hangyul and Dohyon’s fan meet

hangyul and dohyon fan meet with members

Half of X1 is reunited during Hangyul and Dohyon’s fan meeting in Seoul, South Korea on 1 Feb 2020. When I saw twitter flooded with the appearance of Yohan, Eun Sang and Dongpyo at the fan meet level 2, I was really happy.

After that, Seungyoun joined them and through some video clips, we can totally see how they are happy on stage to have them there.

After the fan meet, Yohan posted a photo of them together on his Instagram. #reallyprecious Half of X1 is back together and we, ONE ITs are so happy to see them back together.

Eunsang also posted a picture he took with them backstage.

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