Roadmap to Lee Eun Sang’s 1st Solo Single – ‘Beautiful Scar’

HERO - Lee Eun Sang 1st Single Album 'Beautiful' Concept #2

Lee Eun Sang first announced that he will be debuting as soloist and release his first solo single ‘Beautiful Scar‘ on 31 Aug 2020. Opening his official Twitter and fan cafe site as well.

Eun Sang first appear in an idol trainee survival program in 2019, Produce X 101 and gain popularity. He debut as a member in X1 last August but the group was disbanded in early Jan 2020.

Updates on 20 Aug

We have the beautiful cover artwork for the upcoming single – Beautiful Scar.

Lee Eun Sang's 1st Single Album's Cover.
Lee Eun Sang’s 1st Single Album’s Cover.

Updates on 19 Aug

Lee Eun Sang release CONCEPT #2 images.

Updates on 18 Aug

The promotion plan for his 1st solo single along with the CONCEPT # images.

Lee Eun Sang 1st Single Album 'Beautiful' Promotion Plan
Lee Eun Sang 1st Single Album ‘Beautiful’ Promotion Plan

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