Songs that GOT7’s Jackson released so far in 2019

Jackson Wang Feature

When he say he will focus on producing more music, he meant it. Like seriously…!

Let’s recap on how many music Jackson released in 2019 and we are only in the second month of the year.

14 Jan 2019: Red – Single, Jackson Wang & Ice

Language: English and Chinese (Mandarin) Apple Music 

15 Feb 2019: MK Circus – Single, Dough-Boy & Jackson Wang

Language: English and Chinese (Cantonese) Spotify, Apple Music 

23 Jan 2019: 深渊, Nicholas & Jackson Wang

He also rapped in 谢霆锋 Nicholas’s 深渊 that was released in 23 Jan 2019.
Spotify, Apple Music

Language: English and Chinese (Mandarin)

He is currently working for a month in LA, USA for his solo album. Jackson mentioned that his album name will be [Journey to the West].

He mentioned that he wants to work with Chris Brown too, wonder if Yugyeom will be a fan boy for it! 

Other music

Jackson is involved in the Chinese variety show 《梦想的声音3》and he did a remake of Mandopop King, Jay Chou’s 安静. He even posted on his Instagram and the original singer commented mentioned “not bad”.

Isn’t this an motivation? Just keep pushing and doing what you love, keep the momentum going and never stop. Pursue your dream!

Also waiting for his wax figure to be ready in 2019!

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