WEi debut with Twilight

WEi debut, photoshoot with Naver X Dispatch

WEi finally made their debut on 5 October 2020! Congratulations!!!

WEi is a boy group under OUI Entertainment with 6 members on board. Majority of them apart from Kang Seok Hwa has debuted in a project group previously including X1, JBJ, 1THE9, and RAINZ.

The group that the member debut before WEi. RAINZ’s Jang Dae Hyeon, JBJ’s Kim Dong Han, 1THE9’s Yoo Youngha, X1’s Kim Yo Han and 1THE9’s Kim Jun Seo.

Check out their debut stage here

For fans out there, make sure you watch the MV release under WEi’s YouTube channel for the view counts!

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