What we know about WOODZ’s 2nd mini album – Woops

WOODZ (Cho Seungyoun) 2nd Mini Album - Woops!

Cho Seungyoun (member of both UNIQ and X1) also goes by his soloist name WOODZ announced the news of his second mini album – Woops! Following the successful solo debut with Love Me Harder, MOODZ (Woodz fanbase) are definitely looking forward to it.

On 4 November, WOODZ dropped a teaser image and announced his comeback with 2nd mini album – WOOPS! Will be released on 17 November 2020!

Title Track ‘Bump Bump’

8 Nov, he released the track list for upcoming album which includes 6 songs and this might not come as a surprise to dear MOODZ (WOODZ’s fan club) as all of the songs are composed and written by WOODZ himself.

The song is released on 17 November! Check out the MV here!

Check out the teaser to Bump Bump released on 11 Nov.

Here’s the track list for WOOPS!

Woodz 2nd mini album - Woops - Track List
Woodz 2nd mini album – Woops – Track List

The album highlight medley released on the 12 Nov 2020 will give us a teaser of all the tracks in the album. (& I LOVE ALL)

Album versions

There will be two (2) versions of the album, the LOVE version and ALLERGY version. What sets them apart will be a concept images, the mood will be different and you can pick which one you prefer.

Concept Images

Concept images are release prior to the comeback date to tease fans of the other side of Seungyoun we are going to see soon. For some, it is a clearer preview of which version of his album should they go for.

Love version

Allergy version

Are you excited and hype?!

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