X1 Debut 100th Day


We are going to ignore all the negativity that’s brought upon and here is just to celebrate their 100th day since debut on 27 Aug 2019.

X1 Debut 100th Day

Fans all around the world is missing them and feel like we are in a constant battle ever since the PD’s mistake. People are blind by the fact of adults’ mistake, overlook at how much effort the trainees (members) invest in prior and during Produce X 101.

We are still going to question every major year end awards if they did not receive any Rookie of the Year since the votes for them are pretty high and they broke the album sale record for a newly debut group with Emergency: Quantum Leap.

Kiddos to The Star for releasing their photo shoot images and magazine despite all these.

Never stop rooting for them, you will pull through it and shine on the stage soon. To Seungwoo, you will get your world tour wish come true!

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