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Still unable to accept the fact that I can no longer see the 11 boys performing together on the stage where they shine best.

My favorite group after GOT7, X1 is my bias Kpop group ever since I followed Produce X 101 series from the beginning and felt to attach to them ever since. I was in cloud nine when I see their contract period is 5 years unlike the previous project groups with 2 years on average. However, the selfishness of an individual made the 5 years shrunk to 5 months.

I was really angry when I first saw the release and try to process it. Things that I did not include will be both Yohan and Hyeongjun changed their picture in kkt (Kakao talk) to photo of the 11 members together (X1). Seems like the picture Yohan uses its a very recent photo.

No matter what happen in the future, we will still support the members and hope they are given back the chance to shine on the stage given the amount of hardship and things they have to go through due to adults’ selfishness.

The photo of the 11 members of X1 that Yohan uploaded to his personal kkt.

What happened…

  • 9 Agencies announced disbandment of X1

    6 Jan 2020

    Really disturbed by the fact that the precious group will be disband due to the fact that the nine agencies couldn’t agree on one thing that the boys are really good at, shining on the stage as 11.

    We have not gotten any official release from Swing Entertainment.

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  • MBK Boys video message to ONE IT

    6 Jan 2020

    Within the day after the news broke. Two members under MBK (agency) Hangyul and Dohyon video message was uploaded to all the SNS (social media platforms) under MBK Boys.

    It is painful when I see the video even though I couldn’t understand them precisely. Feels like they are forced to do it.

    Hangyul’s message
    Dohyon’s message

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  • Fan cafe changes

    7 Jan 2020

    This is X1’s fan club manager.

    We sincerely thank ONE IT who have given lots of love and support to X1 until now.

    As X1’s official activities have concluded, this is a notice for fans regarding the future operation of X1’s official fan cafe.

    On this fan cafe that is filled with many memories of X1 and ONE IT, only the “FROM. X1” board where members wrote to ONE IT, the “TO. X1” board where ONE IT wrote to the X1 members, and “OFFICIAL DATA” will be open starting at midnight of January 13 and will be read-only .

    We once again express sincere gratitude to fans who have given unconditional support and love to X1, and we ask that you send blessings and cheer on the futures of the 11 members.

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  • Wooseok’s letter to ONE IT

    7 Jan 2020

    OP (fan) called TOP Media when the news broke out to find out what will happen to Wooseok and given the answer that they have no plans for him currently. This is really sad to hear that, why don’t the agency reply something like he will join back UP10TION?  

    Later on the next day, Wooseok sent a handwritten letter for the fans through TOP Media.

    Wooseok Letter
    Screenshot 2020 01 09 At 9 00 59 Pm

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  • Seung Youn’s letter to ONE IT

    8 Jan 2020

    Many of us starts to worry of the future for Seungyoun, he has been through a lot but still hopeful and went back as a trainee. I really hope he will shine as an idol and producer woody.

    Seungyoun shared the letter through his personal Instagram account. Seeing the fellow pdx101 trainee comment “❤” is more than enough.

    Seungyoun Letter
    Screenshot 2020 01 09 At 8 59 56 Pm

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  • MBK open V Live account for Hangyul and Dohyon

    8 Jan 2020

    MBK proceed to create VLIVE account for Hangyul and Dohyon. If I am reading between the lines, this is the way they are drawing lines with X1 and ITS NOT COOL, MBK.

  • Plan A release statement for Seungwoo

    8 Jan 2020

    Plan A release a statement to address the issue through VICTON’s fan cafe site.

    Han Seungwoo will rest for a while before he returns to promotions, they will discuss w/ him about direction of promotions

    Plan A

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  • Minhee and Hyeongjun’s letter to ONE IT

    8 Jan 2020

    Both Minhee and Hyeongjun are artist under Starship Entertainment, they released the letter to ONE IT via Starship’s SNS.

    Screenshot 2020 01 08 At 11 03 05 Pm
    Screenshot 2020 01 08 At 11 06 16 Pm

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  • Yohan’s heartfelt letter to ONE IT

    8 Jan 2020

    Yohan released the letter to ONE IT via his personal Instagram account (@y_haa.n) similar to the approach Seungyoun did.

    Screenshot 2020 01 08 At 11 09 04 Pm
    Screenshot 2020 01 09 At 8 59 47 Pm

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  • Dongpyo’s letter to ONE IT

    9 Jan 2020

    Dongpyo release the letter to address the disbandment through his agency, DSP Media’s fan cafe.

    Screenshot 2020 01 09 At 8 33 58 Pm

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  • Cha Junho’s letter to ONE IT

    9 Jan 2020

    Junho is one of the quietest member since the news broke out on the 6th. Finally, we know that he is alright. He released the letter to fans through his agency, Woollim earlier on 9 Jan through twitter.

    Screenshot 2020 01 09 At 8 35 29 Pm

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  • Seungwoo’s letter to ONE IT

    9 Jan 2020

    As a leader, I can only imagine the amount of pressure that he is facing even from the beginning. Also a Victon member and not able to promote with them when they hit their milestone after releasing a comeback.

    Seeing his long letter make me feel sad. Seungwoo, hwaiting!

    Screenshot 2020 01 09 At 8 40 42 Pm
    Screenshot 2020 01 09 At 8 57 34 Pm
    Seungwoo ah, everyone chose you as a leader because we believe you can lead and you are the best person to lead X1. Don’t need to apologies to anyone, we know you are doing your best.

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  • Eunsang’s letter to ONE IT

    9 Jan 2020

    Sent at the same time as Seungwoo’s letter was published through his agency, Play M’s twitter. Eunsang’s letter is up on his agency, Brand New Music’s twitter page as well.

    Final member to send his heartfelt message to fans around the world, our X member.

    Screenshot 2020 01 09 At 8 58 03 Pm

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