ZEROBASEONE 2nd Win for debut stage on Show Champion

Zerobaseone 2nd Win For In Bloom On Show Champion

19 July 2023, on episode 484 of MBC’s Show Champion [쇼! 챔피언], we witness ZEROBASEONE receive their 2nd win for In Bloom.

It’s the first time for the group to perform at Show! Champion and when the nomination list for No.1 was shown, it was a clear – tough fight. Against, EXO’s Cream Sode, NMIXX’s Party O’Clock, SHINee’s HARD, and BTS’s Jungkook’s Seven.

So so so thankful, so so so grateful. To greater heights!

Message from the group as well as members after their 2nd win.

Kim Tae Rae
Kim Gyu Vin
Seok Matthew
Zhang Hao
Sung Han Bin
Kim Ji Woong

In Bloom

As a Haobin fan, this moment is really precious. Our first haobin ending fairy and here we see Hao picking out confetti from Bin’s hair… twice.

Haobin Ending Fairy 1

New Kidz on the Block


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