ZEROBASEONE 3rd Win for In Bloom on SBS’s The Show

Zb1 3rd Win On The Show

Our center Zhang Hao’s best birthday present, 3rd Win for In Bloom on SBS’s The Show. Just last week, ZEROBASEONE received their very first 1st Win on the very same stage since debut.

ZB1 performed the title track In Bloom as well as the b-side track And I today. Being nominees for the No.1 slot against MIRAE with JUMP! and Kiss of Life with Shh.

Since it was Hao’s day, the ending fairy is really important. Apparently, the group did a mini-game segment last week to determine who will get the ending fairy for In Bloom this week.

ZEROBASEONE divided themselves into Hyung-line and Maknae-line. Check out the full video here.

In Bloom

And I

Check out their full activities for the debut album.

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