ZEROBASEONE Debut Showcase Line Up

Zb1 Debut Showcase Behind For In Bloom

Assume that you’re a new reader, today is ZEROBASEONE’s debut day! If you have no idea who they are, the project group is formed through a survival program Boys Planet which concluded on 20 April 2023.

Exactly 81 days later, they are ready for their debut! Amongst all the other project groups, ZB1 took the longest time to prepare for their debut which definitely build up more expectations.

Mnet release their debut showcase for international fans to stream online via YouTube. (But for international fans with no subtitles…) Nevertheless, not complaining, at least we are catching it live.

They have subsequently uploaded the performance and clips of the highlights and here’s the order of the performance.

  1. Opening – Back to ZEROBASE
  2. New Kidz on the Block
  3. Hot Summer (ZEROBASEONE version)
  4. The title track – In Bloom
  5. Say My Name (ZEROBASEONE version)
Zb1 Debut Showcase In Bloom

What’s the most amusing part (to me) was that 3 random commercials-looking featuring different members. It just gave me #majorthrowback and I really had a good laugh while enjoying them.


New Kidz on the Block

For those who want to check out the fan cams for New Kidz on the Block.

Hot Summer (ZEROBASEONE version)

In Bloom

For those who want to check out individual fan cams for In Bloom

Say My Name (ZEROBASEONE version)

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