Adapted from a webtoon of the same name. Nevertheless, is about two individuals with different perspectives and views on relationships. Park Jae Eon thinks that dating is a waste of time but loves to flirt around. Yoo Na Bi is the total opposite. 
  • No. of episodes: 10
  • Genre: Romance, School, Friendship
  • Original network: JTBC, Netflix
  • Native title: 알고있지만,
  • Premiere: 19 Jun 2021



Song Kang

Park Jae Eon

Han So Hee

Yoo Na Bi

Chae Jong Hyeop

Yang Do Hyuk

Yang Hye Ji

Oh Bit Na

Kim Min Gwi

Nam Kyu Hyun

Lee Ho Jung

Yoon Sol

Yoon Seo Ah

Seo Ji Wan

Jung Jae Kwang

Ahn Kyung Jun

Han Eu Ddeum

Min Young

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