Record of Youth

The drama follows the lives of three individuals who strive hard for their dream in the modeling fashion industry. Sa Hye Joon is a bright and warm young man who dreams to be a model and actor yet able to look at the world objectively.

  • No. of episodes: 16
  • Genre: Romance, Modelling, Drama
  • Original network: tvN, Netflix
  • Native title: 청춘기록
  • Premiere: 7 September 2020


Park Bo Gum

Sa Hye Joon

Park So Dam

Ahn Jung Ha

Byun Woo Suk

Won Hae Hyo

Kwon Soo Hyun

Kim Jin Woo

Shin Dong Mi

Lee Min Jae (Hye Joon’s manager)

Han Jin Hee

Sa Min Gi
(Hye Joon’s Grandfather)

Ha Hee Ra

Han Ae Sook 
(Hye Joon’s Mother)

Park Soo Young

Sa Young Nam 
(Hye Joon’s Father)

Lee Jae Won

Sa Gyung Joon

Jo Yoo Jung

Won Hae Na

Shin Ae Ra

Kim Yi Young

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