School 2021

School 2021 sets in a specialised school where student working hard to pursue their dreams and skillset to one day lands in their ideal job. Unlike going through the usual route of attending university.

Gong Ki Joon’s dream of being a competitive taekwondo athletes was crushed after an accident.

Jin Ji Won is a confident and vocal individual who knows exactly what she wants in her life.

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: School, Friendship, Youth, Life, Romance
Native title: 학교 2021
Original network: KBS

Premiere: 17 Nov 2021



Kim Yo Han

Kim Yo Han

Gong Ki Joon

Jo Yi Hyun

Jo Yi Hyun

Jin Ji Won

Choo Young Woo

Jung Young Joo

Hwang Bo Reum Byeol

Kang Seo Young

Park In Hwan

Park In Hwan

Gong Young Soo
(Ki Joon’s grandpa)

Seo Hee Seon

Go Eun Bi

Kim Kang Min

Ji Ho Sung

Kim Soo Jin

Kim Soo Jin

Jo Yong Mi
(Ji Won’s mother)

Yoon Yi Reh

Lee Jae Hee

Lee Sang Jun

Lee Jae Hyuk

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