She Would Never Know

The drama is a romance story between a sunbae and a hoobae. Yoon Song Ah is a brand marketer in a cosmetics company who inspires to create her own brand.

  • No. of episodes: 16
  • Genre: Business, Romance
  • Native title: 선배 그 립스틱 바르지 마요
  • Original network: JTBC
  • Premiere: 18 Jan 2021



Chae Hyun Seung

Won Jin Ah

Yoon Song Ah

Lee Hyun Wook

Lee Jae Shin

Lee Joo Bin

Lee Hyo Joo

Lee Kyu Han

Lee Jae Woon

Wang Bit Na

Chae Ji Seung (Hyun Seung's sister)

Ha Yoon Kyung

Chae Yun Seung (Hyun Seung's sister)

Park So Yi

Kang Ha Eun (Hyun Seung's niece)

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