The drama set in 1987 of Seoul, South Korea. A love story between Im Soo Ho and Eun Young Cho that has an encounter that drew them closer. Cheerful Eun Young Cho fall in love at first sight when she spotted Im Soo Ho at a social gathering. The guy that grew up in Germany suddenly dashed into a female dormitory covered in blood. Eun Young Cho recognised him and helped him to hide and even treat his wounds.

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Action, Police, Spy, Politics, Historical
Native title: 설강화
Original network: JTBC, Disney+

Premiere: 18 Dec 2021



Jung Hae In

Im Soo Ho

Kim Ji Soo

Eun Young Ro

Jang Seung Jo

Lee Kang Moo, Black Tiger

Jung Eugene

Jang Han Na

Yoo In Na

Kang Cheong Ya

Yoon Se Ah

Pi Seung Hee

Kim Hye Yoon

Kim Hye Yoon

Kye Boon Ok

Choi Hee Jin

Yoon Seol Hee
(Room 207)

Jung Shin Hye

Go Hye Ryung
(Room 207)

Kim Mi Soo

Yeo Jeong Min
(Room 207)

Kim Min Kyu

Joo Gyeok Chan

Heo Joon Ho

Eun Chang Soo
(Eun Young Ro’s Father)

Kim Jung Nan

Hong Ae Ra
(Eun Young Ro’s Stepmother)

Park Sung Woong

Nam Tae Il

Jung Hye Young

Jo Sung Shim

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