Netflix - Kdrama So Not Worth It
Netflix – Kdrama So Not Worth It

The sitcom drama is about a group of multinational students living in the college dorm together. Filled with love, fun, and chaos as well.

No. of episodes: 12
Genre: Roommate, School, Sitcom, Comedy, Friendship
Native title: 그래서 나는 안티팬과 결혼했다
Original network: Netflix

Premiere: 18 Jun 2021

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Netflix 039 S So Not Worth It Still Cuts 1
  • GOT7's Choi Youngjae, G(I)DLE's Minnie, Han Hyun Min and more in So Not Worth It.
  • So Not Worth It Cast - Minnie and Park Se Wan
  • So Not Worth It - Han Hyun Min, Choi Youngjae, Shin Hyun Seung



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