Hua Ming Yue is being treated like a princess all her life, born with a silver spoon but she is a bimbo. Her grandfather fell into a coma and her half-brother Hua Ming Chen kicked her out of the house.   Nowhere to go, she was taken in by Qin Dong Hai, a mentor hired by her grandfather hired beforehand.

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Romance, Business, Friendship, Life, Comedy
Native title: 站住! 花小姐
Original network: Mango TV

Premiere: 28 Jul 2021

Rating: 4 out of 5.



Ryan Zhang He

Qin Dong Hai

Judy Qi Yan Di

Judy Qi Yan Di

Hua Ming Yue

Gao Ji Cai

Chen Jing Ran

Lin Yin Jun

Liu Yin Jun

Hua Ming Chen

Wu Ming Jing

Ye Xue Er

Johnny Zhang Ceng Ceng

Qi Fei

Su Meng Di

Su Meng Di

Yao Sheng Nan

Wu Tian Hao

Hao Shu Ai

Xue Ba Yi

Gao Ren

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