A group of 26-year-old, the three best friends, and Zeng Li’s stepbrother Deng Hao Ran became really close friends. Supporting each other no matter what. Zeng Li fell in love with her dentist Ai Jing Chu after her mom forces her to get braces to increase her visuals. 

No. of episodes: 22
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Friendship, Medical, Web Drama
Native title: 世界微尘里
Original network: iQiyi

Premiere: 16 Aug 2021

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.



Bi Wen Jun

Ai Jung Chu

Betty Wu Xuan Yi

Zeng Li

Terry Liu Te

Terry Liu Te

Deng Hao Ran

Wan Zi Lin

Ma Yi Yi

Zhai Xiao Wen

Liu Yu Cheng

Baby Zhang Bo Jia

Wu Ying

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