Ali Lee, Kelvin Kwan, Crystal Fung confirm for upcoming Sci-fi Romance TVB drama

TVB confirm main cast for the upcoming Sci-fi, Rom-com drama Al Rhapsody. Starring Ali Lee, Crystal Fung, Kelvin Kwan, Billy Luk and more.

TVB release more still cuts with Moses Chan, Ali Lee and more for Death by Zero

The upcoming 30 episodes action comedy Death by Zero 殺手 was filmed back during summer of 2018. The drama is about the world of assassins, Overbeck and the types of assassins available in the market that commoners can hire.

Linda Chung will be back for TVB drama ‘Children Hospital’ and more in talks

After missing Linda Chung in the TVB drama scene for a period of time after she’s married, the only glimpse is through a cameo Another Era in 2018. Children Hospital (literal translation) 兒童醫院 is a modern medical drama. The list of casts that are still in talks with are Kevin Cheng, Kenneth Ma, Ali Lee,Continue reading “Linda Chung will be back for TVB drama ‘Children Hospital’ and more in talks”

Review: Big White Duel

The drama 白色強人 is about the balance between politics and core in the healthcare industry. The focus and stories unveil from Ming Shing North Hospital in Hong Kong. The deputy head of the hospital Dr Yeung Yat To (Roger Kwok) is pushing to change the model of the hospital from public to private for years.

First Impression: Big White Duel 白色強人

No. of episodes: 25 Genre: Medical, Politics Original network: TVB Native title: 白色強人 Finally one of my top 12 anticipated Hong Kong drama is airing. Starting 10 Jun, the medical drama will air its 25 episodes from Monday to Friday. The cast By far one of the best combinations for drama! Y.T. (acted by RogerContinue reading “First Impression: Big White Duel 白色強人”

Review: My Ages Apart

A series full of surprise and unexpected twist and turns. Everything because of an old school weighing machine placed outside the retro cinema. (Honestly, just the machine and the card it dispenses that made all these.) Soul swop (more than once, more than one pair)and the Pig Taxi Driver that will drive you to theContinue reading “Review: My Ages Apart”