What we know about WOODZ’s 2nd mini album – Woops

Cho Seungyoun (member of both UNIQ and X1) also goes by his soloist name WOODZ announced the news of his second mini album – Woops!

Members from X1 showing support and love for Seungyoun aka WOODZ ‘EQUAL’

Yesterday, Cho Seungyoun aka WOODZ dropped his 1st mini album ‘EQUAL’ and title track ‘Love Me Harder’ and the members of X1 all flood with love and support through their personal Social media accounts. Of course there are more people sharing love like UNIQ’s Zhou Yixuan, GOT7’s Yugyeom, Jimin Park, Actor Sunho and more showContinue reading “Members from X1 showing support and love for Seungyoun aka WOODZ ‘EQUAL’”

Updates: Cho Seungyoun (WOODZ) ask you to ‘Love Me Harder’ for his solo comeback

Updates on 6 July 2020 WOODZ release the performance version of ‘Love Me Harder’. Updates 29 Jun 2020 Officially released! WOODZ solo comeback album ‘EQUAL’ with title ‘Love me harder’ just dropped at 6 PM (KST) Updates 25 Jun 2020 WOODZ released the highlight medley for his 1st mini album ‘EQUAL’ . One week toContinue reading “Updates: Cho Seungyoun (WOODZ) ask you to ‘Love Me Harder’ for his solo comeback”

Cho Seung Youn show us his life through ‘요WOODZM’

Cho Seungyoun aka WOODZ has come a long way, from UniQ to Solo and transit back as a trainee. Finally debut as a member in X1 but disbanded early 2020 and now going back to solo. Good news is, he is still passionate and creating good music and content. Here’s him attempt to do aContinue reading “Cho Seung Youn show us his life through ‘요WOODZM’”

Half of X1 reunited at Seungwoo’s Fan Meeting

Just last week, we are so happy to see 4 members appearing at Hangyul and Dohyon’s 1st Fan meet in Seoul. This week, it is X1’s leader Seungwoo’s personal fan meet. And guess what…? We are blessed! Seungwoo held his fan meet today on the 8 Feb 2020 in Seoul. Sadly from the press releaseContinue reading “Half of X1 reunited at Seungwoo’s Fan Meeting”

Reunited at Hangyul and Dohyon’s fan meet

Half of X1 is reunited during Hangyul and Dohyon’s fan meeting in Seoul, South Korea on 1 Feb 2020. When I saw twitter flooded with the appearance of Yohan, Eun Sang and Dongpyo at the fan meet level 2, I was really happy. After that, Seungyoun joined them and through some video clips, we canContinue reading “Reunited at Hangyul and Dohyon’s fan meet”