First impression: Al Cappuccino

The drama is about an American struggling actor Keung Sai Lung (Vincent Wong) flew back to Hong Kong to pursue his acting career. Upon returning to Hong Kong, he was rolled into a triad due to the misunderstanding of the real identity.

First impression: Life After Death 那些我爱过的人

The drama is begin with a car accident seven years ago and claimed 2 lives and a fetus. Changes life of 2 families and seven years later, the 2 families cross path again.

First impression: Brutally Young 十八年後的終極告白

The drama started with a group of secondary school boys accidentally killed a classmate and decide to bury him and go back to their every day. 18 years later, the skeleton was exploded and the seven boys now men gathered together to find solution to cover their trails.

First impression: The Dripping Sauce

No. of episodes: 30Genre: Business, Family, Drama Native title: 大醬園Original network: TVB Man family run soy sauce business is a century old brand in Foshan, China name Man Koon Brewery 萬冠園. Man Kai Shan 萬啟山 (Hugo Ng) and his wife Yik Dak Yung 席德容 (Mimi Kung) is the lead for the family business. Nemisis HaContinue reading “First impression: The Dripping Sauce”

First impression: Ratman to the rescue

No. of episodes: 20Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy Native title: 過街英雄Original network: TVB Previously mentioned that Ratman to the Rescue and The Maid Alliance will be up and running in 2020, here is the first one that comes true. Super rat power Oliver 唐亮星 (Sammy Leung) was not born with supernatural power but received it dueContinue reading “First impression: Ratman to the rescue”

First impression: Wonder Women 多功能老婆

No. of episodes: 25 Genre: Romance, Drama, Family Native title: 多功能老婆 Original network: TVB Starring Miriam Yeung the well established singer in Hong Kong. Her rare drama appearance makes more people anticipate it. This drama is trying to convey a similar message to Girlie Days but just they focus more on the marriage dilemma. TheContinue reading “First impression: Wonder Women 多功能老婆”

First impression: The Man Who Kills Troubles

No. of episodes: 30 Genre: Crime, School, Investigation, Triads Native title: 解決師 Original network: TVB Finally another exciting intense script from TVB after Our Unwinding Ethos in August. Story take places in Melbourne, Australia where our male lead, Ka King Chung Kars aka K (acted by Vincent Wong) is a solver for a triads leader. TheContinue reading “First impression: The Man Who Kills Troubles”