Popular drama Go Go Squid! has a sequel starring Hu Yi Tian as the main lead

For those who are burned by the popular China drama Go Go Squid 亲爱的,热爱的 back in 2019 July, we have a good news! The sequel is confirmed but here is the difference, we are pointing the camera towards the second lead acted by Hu Yi Tian. The drama changes its name entirely in English butContinue reading “Popular drama Go Go Squid! has a sequel starring Hu Yi Tian as the main lead”

Review: The Offliners

No. of episodes: 20 Genre: Gaming, Tech Native title: 堅離地愛堅離地 Original network: astro and TVB Unexpectedly nice drama to end off 2019. Brief introduction Ding Shin Hei 丁信希 aka Hei Shen (Owen Cheung) is a IT graduate that taking odd jobs in various companies to survive. His hobby is to play various games with hisContinue reading “Review: The Offliners”

First impression: Go Go Squid

No. of episodes: 41 Genre: Romance, Sci-fi Native title: 亲爱的,热爱的 Another drama that was highly recommended to me by my friend. After completing A Love So Beautiful, I think it is a good transition since I still have Hu Yi Tian in the drama. Starting off with the competition in Singapore, K&K is a start-upContinue reading “First impression: Go Go Squid”

Review: The King’s Avatar 全职高手

No. of episodes: 40Genre: Gaming, Sci-fi, Fantasy Native title: 全职高手Available on Netflix, Tencent Video The drama is about a online game Glory 荣耀, and the career as professional gamer. Ye Xiu aka Ye Qiu 叶秋(Yang Yang) is a well known top-tier player, Yi Ye Zhi Qiu 一叶之秋 in the world of Glory under a professional team JiaContinue reading “Review: The King’s Avatar 全职高手”

First Impression: The King’s Avatar 全职高手

No. of episodes: 40 Genre: Gaming, Sci-fi, Fantasy Native title: 全职高手 Available on Netflix. First saw the poster in late July and immediately it enter my “Plan to Watch”. After my late encounter of Love O2O drama, I agree to Yang Yang’s 杨洋 unique charm that the movie version can’t pull off. Remake version The King’sContinue reading “First Impression: The King’s Avatar 全职高手”

Review: Love O2O

No. of episodes: 30 Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Gaming Original title: 微微一笑很倾城 Drama was first aired in 2016 and the popularity rose pretty quick and everyone around me was watching it. I did not find the beauty of it in the first place therefore I only complete it in 2019 when Netflix decided to load it.Continue reading “Review: Love O2O”