8 OST that brings you back to the Kdrama instantly

Music is really important for a drama, that is why BGM plays a crucial role in editing the final product. Here are some of the OST that brings me back to the drama immediately when my Apple Music shuffles it in my playlist. #1 Take – JUS2 (He is Psychometric) This is the first everContinue reading “8 OST that brings you back to the Kdrama instantly”

Review: Goblin

Did not skip or fast forward any part of the 16 episodes (exclude episode 13.5 – Special edition). The love line of the first line up and the second line up can be concluded as, Sad Love (bittersweet love). Really wonder from the beginning, how the Goblin and Goblin’s bride relationship will work. Only oneContinue reading “Review: Goblin”