4 Old Korean Variety Shows That I Loved

Since I started the Kpop since 2008-2009, I have the chance to watch more variety shows and content produced for almost a decade. From the countless production that I’ve watched, I still miss a couple of them which I hope the respective broadcast station will bring it back or make into a special episode. 1.Continue reading “4 Old Korean Variety Shows That I Loved”

Review: Magic School (web-drama)

Web-drama that Jinyoung (GOT7) takes on the lead role. And I believe it will be nicer than [A Stray Goat] movie that I watched because of him as well. No. of episodes: 4 Genre: Romance Original title: 마술학교 Aired on September 2017 Original network: JTBC Na-ra (acted by Jinyoung) is an obedient son to hisContinue reading “Review: Magic School (web-drama)”

Guide to Working EAT Holiday in Jeju

No. of episodes: 4 Starring: GOT7 members; JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Bambam, and Yugyeom Probably the first GOT7 variety show that I’ve completed, even before watching Hard Carry 1 and 2. Short and sweet holiday for them in Jeju during winter. Episode 1: Conceptualizing, settling in the apartment  Episode 2: Planning and preparing forContinue reading “Guide to Working EAT Holiday in Jeju”

Guide to Hard Carry 1 and 2

Probably the first GOT7 variety shows that I follow REAL TIME since I started being entry level ahgase (iGOT7).   Honestly, I have no idea on what to expect from the show apart from seeing all the members with bits and pieces of the teaser pictures. So let’s backtrack to the first Hard Carry… HardContinue reading “Guide to Hard Carry 1 and 2”

Knowing them better – GOT7

Recently fall for GOT7 after their latest comeback, [Lullaby] in their 3rd full album, Present: YOU. Honestly, I totally fall for Jinyoung and slowly it spreads to the other members. Really discover their charms individually and now totally understand why my sister is a hands-down ahgase (iGOT7, fandom name for GOT7). I do have knowledgeContinue reading “Knowing them better – GOT7”