Review: Hi Bye, Mama!

Cha Yuri died after an accident and managed to deliver Jo Seo Woo before leaving the world. On the 4-5th year, Yuri begins her 49 days long project of reincarnation and goes back to her family who is trying to cope with her death after years.

4 ongoing k-dramas that suit every mood

April is going to be a good month for drama where we have all the awesome drama released from March and upcoming drama releases. Drama for every time of mood and all different genre. All the dramas listed released at least 4 episodes up to date. The other two dramas that I want to catchContinue reading “4 ongoing k-dramas that suit every mood”

Cast of 'Hi Bye, Mama!' gather to play games and have couch talk

The Swoon is back with interactive interviews with current Netflix hit drama, this time round, they invited the main cast of Hi Bye, Mama! to the studio. Kim Tae Hee (as Cha Yuri), Lee Kyu Hyung (as Jo Kang Hwa) and Go Bo Gyeol (as Oh Min Jung) gathered to play a game of RiffContinue reading “Cast of 'Hi Bye, Mama!' gather to play games and have couch talk”

First impression: Hi Bye, Mama!

No. of episodes: 16Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Family, Comedy Native title: 하이바이, 마마!Original network: tvN, Netflix The story about a mother Cha Yuri (Kim Tae Hee) left her family due to accident and maternal death. She stayed by her family side ever since and after realising her daughter will be in danger due to her negligenceContinue reading “First impression: Hi Bye, Mama!”