Top 6 Favourite TVB drama in 2019

For those who love medical dramas, supernatural and thrillers will love dramas produced by TVB in 2019.

Review: My Commissioned Lover 婚姻合伙人

No. of episodes: 20 Genre: Drama, Property Original network: TVB Native title: 婚姻合伙人 The drama that was in the “fridge” of the TVB Drama library for a couple of years finally aired. Because of the Jacqueline incident, the drama she was involved in was replaced by this. Brief summary of the story is about theContinue reading “Review: My Commissioned Lover 婚姻合伙人”

First impression: The Defected 鐵探

No. of episodes: 30 Genre: Crime, Mystery, Police Original network: TVB Finally, the first TVB drama is available on Netflix. Police and thief Another drama that focus on UCs (undercover) and potentially black cops. Four episodes into the series and it focuses on the 800 days before Seung Sing (acted by Benjamin Yuen) got shot.Continue reading “First impression: The Defected 鐵探”

My Commissioned Lover 婚姻合伙人 to replace The Offliners 堅離地愛堅離地

As all of you who follows HK news will know that because of the Jacqueline incident, her dramas and any production she is involve will be in the freezer of TVB Library. Supposingly the drama The Offliners [堅離地愛堅離地] schedule to air right after The Defected [鐵探], however this drama will have to be stored inContinue reading “My Commissioned Lover 婚姻合伙人 to replace The Offliners 堅離地愛堅離地”

Air Date Confirmed – Big White Duel 白色強人

Finally confirmed! The Big White Duel will be starting its 30 episodes from 10 June 2019. At least we have something to look forward to in June! Meanwhile, if you are new to this drama. Check out the trailer here From the interviews, they had previously, be prepared to see less romance and more medicalContinue reading “Air Date Confirmed – Big White Duel 白色強人”

TVB introduce 10 hit dramas in 2019 – Programme Parade

A month ago, TVB held the Programme Parade 2019 (similar to their Sales Presentation in Nov 2018) to introduce their 2019 hit dramas. Native title: 香港國際影視展 1.The Defected – 鐵探 Currently Airing on TVB and will soon to be the first TVB drama to be up on Netflix. 2. Airport Striker – 機場特警 Check out theirContinue reading “TVB introduce 10 hit dramas in 2019 – Programme Parade”

New love line? 開心速遞

In the recent episode, the scriptwriter pull the focus back to the tuition center opened by Hung Sum Yu (youngest daughter of Hung Family) and her partner. The tuition center is facing a lawsuit especially Sum Yu was sue of copying another tuition center’s mock paper. The lawyer representing them is Lingling’s 2nd brother. TheContinue reading “New love line? 開心速遞”

Terry is smart now? 開心速遞

In the recent episode of Come Home to Love, Terry, one of the famous character known to be stupid or rather really slow finally became smart. This is the longest (from my memory) running series that I’ve been following since episode 1 and they are currently still going strong at episode 552. I think everyoneContinue reading “Terry is smart now? 開心速遞”

Mary and Gong Yip – Happily Ever After? 開心速遞

Finally together after more than 100 episodes! The love line between Mary Hung Yeuk Shui and Gong Yip (龔燁) started after the scriptwriter match Chun Bok Si (博士) with Mandy. Background story Up till the recent story, Mary Hung has a total of 3 love lines. Chun Bok Si (博士) Max Lung Gong Yip (龔燁)Continue reading “Mary and Gong Yip – Happily Ever After? 開心速遞”