Him Law caught in a love triangle for upcoming drama – The Witness

Next up after Go Go Go Operation C9 is a romantic investigation comedy, The Witness 木棘証人. Teaser shows Him Law caught up in a love triangle between Kelly Cheng and another girl.

JTBC confirm Jung Hae In and more to join Jisoo and Kim Hye Yoon for upcoming drama

JTBC confirms that Jung Hae In, Jang Seung Jo, Yoon Se Ah and Jung Yoo Jin will be joining Blackpink’s Kim Jisoo and Kim Hye Yoon for the upcoming drama Snowdrop 설강화.

TVB release teaser for upcoming drama – Line Walker 3

TVB upcoming drama Line Walker 3: Privilege War (also known as Line Walker: Bull Fight) 使徒行者3 release an intense teaser featuring all the main characters.

Review: Al Cappuccino

反黑路人甲 revolves around a struggling actor Keung Sai Lung (Vincent Wong) return back to Hong Kong to pursue his acting career. Identity switch by the orphanage with triad boss’s third son, both of them did not care about it and grew up together.

Legal Maverick 2 confirm air date and what we know so far

The drama is the second season of Legal Maverick (2017), follow the steps behind a blind lawyer Hope Man (Vincent Wong) and his best friends Gogo (Owen Cheung) as well as Chiu Ching Mui (Sisley Choi) to investigate the real story behind each case. The new blood added, Eva (Kelly Cheung) will be playing Hope Man’s love interest.

Ahn Bo Hyun and Han So Hee in talks for a new Netflix drama

Netflix is preparing for a South Korean drama Nemsis (working title) 네메시스 also known as Undercover. Nemsis is a drama about a woman who joins an crime gang to take revenge for her father’s death and became an undercover police officer.

Horror Premiere of Great Escape Season 2

Great Escape 密室大逃脱2 is a China spin off Variety show with the similar concept based on the Korean version. The cast members are thrown into a massive themed escape rooms and they are all by themselves to unlock rooms with no time limit.

TVB confirm air date for upcoming investigation drama On-lie Game 迷網

Just a few more days to the premiere of On-Lie Game 迷網, a police investigation of crimes in the cyber world. Matt Yeung Ming and Samantha Ko Ling paired up again since My Commission Lovers 婚姻合伙人. Senior Inspector Sunny Seto Zhong (Yeung Ming) and Inspector Denise Siu Mei Ting (Hera Chan) are from the ScienceContinue reading “TVB confirm air date for upcoming investigation drama On-lie Game 迷網”