Sung Dong Il, Kim Hee Won and Yeo Jin Goo travel across South Korea with House on Wheels

tvN’s new variety show House on Wheels 바퀴달린집 showcase the experience living in a non-traditional brick house. The small and portable home is house for three actors, Sung Dong Il, Kim Hee Won and magnae Yeo Jin Goo.

IU reunite with Yeo Jin Goo as the 5th guest on House on Wheels

The tvN’s variety show House on Wheels 바퀴 달린 집 shows life of three celebrities Sung Dong Il, Kim Hee Won and Yeo Jin Goo drive across South Korea living in their house ‘on wheels’. For those who love camping trips, or watch life on RVs will definitely enjoy. One more reason, the Hotel delContinue reading “IU reunite with Yeo Jin Goo as the 5th guest on House on Wheels”

Favorite KPOP songs in Jan 2020

This month there are good releases and also few songs that are still stuck with me from 2019. #1 Zico – Any Song This is probably the champion song in Jan for me. Any Song is just so catchy and I think the way Zico and his agency promote this digital single is super smart.Continue reading “Favorite KPOP songs in Jan 2020”

IU signs with EDAM Entertainment

IU announced that she signed with the new agency, EDAM Entertainment established by her long-time (12 years) manager Bae Jong Han. Known that “IU Team” also move to EDAM Entertainment with her from Kakao M (also known as LOEN Tree) and she is the first artist signed under the agency. IU is confirmed to participateContinue reading “IU signs with EDAM Entertainment”

9 best Kpop comebacks in 2019

Since I’ve started to document my favorite comebacks for 2018, I shall continue it this year. Another good year for music but not the entertainment as a whole with the amount of scandals, negative news etc. Here, I did include some songs that was released this year which are amazing on its own. #1 CallContinue reading “9 best Kpop comebacks in 2019”