7 Kdrama premiering in December 2020

Last month of 2020, the last hurdle of the eventful year. Here are some Korean Dramas to sweeten up the mood while we cross over to a hopeful 2021.

JTBC’s Gamsung Camping brings you around the world within South Korea

Brand new variety show by JTBC, Gamsung Camping 갬성캠핑 is a light hearted program help to ease our thirst from traveling during this pandemic.

JTBC release posters and teaser for upcoming drama – Live On

The JTBC x Playlist Studio upcoming drama Live On 라이브온 is a high school romance drama between a high school celebrity Baek Ho Rang (Jung Da Bin) and the head of broadcasting club in Seo Yeon High School, Go Eun Taek (Hwang Min Hyun).

JTBC confirms date for drama featuring NUEST’s Minhyun, Jung Da Bin and more

JTBC’s upcoming drama Live On 라이브온 announced the premiere date for the romance drama featuring NU’EST’s Hwang Min Hyun, Jung Da Bin, VICTON’s Choi Byung Chan, Noh Jong Hyun, Yang Hye Ji and Yeonwoo.

JTBC confirm Jung Hae In and more to join Jisoo and Kim Hye Yoon for upcoming drama

JTBC confirms that Jung Hae In, Jang Seung Jo, Yoon Se Ah and Jung Yoo Jin will be joining Blackpink’s Kim Jisoo and Kim Hye Yoon for the upcoming drama Snowdrop 설강화.

First impression: More Than Friends

More Than Friends is about an unrequited love between a struggling calligraphist and talented photographer. Kyung Woo Yeon (Shin Ye Eun) and Lee Soo (Ong Seong Wu) are high school classmates. Distance between them close up but the day Lee Soo left for further studies in the United States, Woo Yeon confessed.