Thoughts on ‘Tune in for Love’

Tune in for Love 유열의 음악앨범 is a melodrama, romance movie released by Netflix last Summer starring Jung Hae In and Kim Go Eun. The 2-hour movie is not for those who are finding exciting romance, or you are looking at supernatural fantasy. Story about a couple who met in 1994 by working in aContinue reading “Thoughts on ‘Tune in for Love’”

7 times second lead syndrome is real in Kdrama

Before I get started, here’s why I wanted to document such a post. Recently, there is a point that I’m on multiple ongoing Kdrama and found myself to be super torn between both the male lead and second lead with the female lead. Another reason that hits me occurs while watching Extraordinary you, made meContinue reading “7 times second lead syndrome is real in Kdrama”