9 best Kpop comebacks in 2019

Since I’ve started to document my favorite comebacks for 2018, I shall continue it this year. Another good year for music but not the entertainment as a whole with the amount of scandals, negative news etc. Here, I did include some songs that was released this year which are amazing on its own. #1 CallContinue reading “9 best Kpop comebacks in 2019”

8 OST that brings you back to the Kdrama instantly

Music is really important for a drama, that is why BGM plays a crucial role in editing the final product. Here are some of the OST that brings me back to the drama immediately when my Apple Music shuffles it in my playlist. #1 Take – JUS2 (He is Psychometric) This is the first everContinue reading “8 OST that brings you back to the Kdrama instantly”

JYPE Comebacks 2019 (Jan – Apr)

Probably my favorite agency as of now. Starting from the third generations of Kpop groups (since 2010), I am more incline to groups and artist under JYP Entertainment. Current active groups under JYPE includes:  2PM, GOT7 (갓세븐), 15&, Twice (트와이스), Day6 (데이식스), Stray Kids (스트레이 키즈), itzy (있지) Sub-units includes:  JUS2, JJ Project (JJ프로젝트) (bothContinue reading “JYPE Comebacks 2019 (Jan – Apr)”

First Impression: He is Psychometric

No. of episodes: 16 (ongoing) Genre: Thriller, Romance, Comedy Native title: 사이코메트리 그녀석 Finally, it’s here! It is not readily available in Netflix nor Viu.SG. Therefore, you might need to source it somewhere else. Rich background stories I was expecting the ratio of comedy/romance to thriller to be 6:4 since Yi An’s character is aContinue reading “First Impression: He is Psychometric”

JUS2 – Showcase Tour

Mystery solved! Now we understand why One Production and the various countries’ concert organizers RT the teaser. Instead of GOT7’s World Tour, we are having Sub-unit tour for now. Or will there be a tour for all the future sub-units?  From the teaser drop, we are always anticipating 11 AM and 11 PM (12 amContinue reading “JUS2 – Showcase Tour”