GOT7’s Choi Youngjae and Day6’s Young K are the new DJs for ‘Idol Radio’

So happy for Youngjae, he has his own radio show now! MBC Radio’s official website announced that GOT7’s Choi Youngjae and Day6’s Young K are the new hosts (DJs) for ‘Idol Radio’ 아이돌라디오. Youngjae and Young K will begin their journey starting from 18 May 2020 and before that, they are special DJs on theContinue reading “GOT7’s Choi Youngjae and Day6’s Young K are the new DJs for ‘Idol Radio’”

Deep dive into GOT7’s mini album ‘DYE’

For those that want to find out more about the album and the songs, continue to scroll down to find out more. ‘DYE‘ by GOT7 is released on 20 April 2020 with a total of six tracks including their title track ‘Not By The Moon’. DYE is the 11th mini album and the first comebackContinue reading “Deep dive into GOT7’s mini album ‘DYE’”

GOT7 is back charming with the romantic MV ‘Not By The Moon’

Yes, I took a day to get this up while enjoying the MV to the fullest. When my notification tweet from JYP Entertainment first pop up at 6 PM (KST), my heart went “ohmo ohmo, its here’ The song killer would be JB and Youngjae’s high notes. I mean I could hear Youngjae‘s high noteContinue reading “GOT7 is back charming with the romantic MV ‘Not By The Moon’”

GOT7 shared a dreamy teaser for ‘Not By The Moon’ comeback

Less than a week away from GOT7’s comeback album ‘DYE’ with their title track ‘Not By The Moon’ compose by the one and only PD JYP (CEO of JYP Entertainment).

GOT7 preparing for a comeback in Spring 2020

FINALLY! It has been 5 months since their last comeback for You Calling My Name with album Call My Name. JYP Entertainment confirmed the source and say that GOT7 is in the midst of preparing for their comeback that will release in late April or May. What should we prepare our hearts for: Bambam’s blondContinue reading “GOT7 preparing for a comeback in Spring 2020”

Stray Kids release digital single ‘Mixtape: On Track’

Stray Kids released a series of drama-like teaser images for comeback. Yesterday, they released the song “바보라도 알아” translate ‘Even a fool knows’. The MV is like a mini web drama showing Hyunjin 현진 and Lee Know 리노 having a crush on the same girl. The entire group is in the movie production group atContinue reading “Stray Kids release digital single ‘Mixtape: On Track’”

Itzy comeback with powerful ‘Wannabe’ me

Our baby girl group, itzy turns one last month came back with their latest album ‘ITz ME’. Bring you the girl crush style that they ace it and really good at. After reading the lyrics of their title track ‘Wannabe’, I really like it. They have started the tiktok challenge #WANNABEITZY as well! For thoseContinue reading “Itzy comeback with powerful ‘Wannabe’ me”

GOT7 recreate debut image for 6th Fan Meeting in Seoul

Was wondering why the fan meet information is release so late as compared to last year when they release the information for the 5th Fan Meet in Dec 2018. Was able to attend my first fan meet in Seoul on 5 and 6 Jan 2019 and really love to join K-ahgases again, at least forContinue reading “GOT7 recreate debut image for 6th Fan Meeting in Seoul”

GOT7’s Just Right hit 300 million views

First music video of GOT7 that hit 300 million views! CONGRATULATIONS! A milestone here! More to come, they have brilliant songs that are still unappreciated. Cringed fact, my first impression of GOT7 is actually watching “Just Right” mv and only feel that the cereal boys are cute with full of energy. For the full MV