Review: Meow, the Secret boy (2020)

No. of episodes: 24 (30 mins each)Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy Native title: 어서와Original network: KBS2 The drama was cut down by 8 episodes, suspect is due to the bad ratings like A piece of my mind. Nevertheless, it is a good fantasy romance drama. Kim Sol Ah (Shin Ye Eun) is a graphic designer byContinue reading “Review: Meow, the Secret boy (2020)”

“Welcome” cast first script reading and set to air in March 2020

Welcome is set to air in March of 2020 on KBS. One of the kdrama of 2020 that I really want to catch. The drama is about a cat who can transform into human for his owner to stay by her side and start living double life as Hong Jo (L, Kim Myung Soo). KimContinue reading ““Welcome” cast first script reading and set to air in March 2020″

Review: Flower Ever After

No. of episodes: 10Genre: Romance, Web Series Native title: 이런 꽃 같은 엔딩Original network: Playlist Studio The drama is about 2 couples and things start to change when Han So Young (Lee Ho Jung) enter into the picture. The short web drama focus on relationships between different age groups and how things will change withContinue reading “Review: Flower Ever After”