Review: Leverage

No. of episodes: 16 Genre: Action, Investigation, Crime Native title: 레버리지: 사기조작단 Original network: TV Chosun This is a remake series originally from U.S. The story is pretty similar to The Player to me where a group of con artist join force to seek justices that was missed by the legal loopholes. DISCLAIMER: The following contentContinue reading “Review: Leverage”

2 ongoing K Variety I love

Variety shows always keeps me going for the week and watching multiple shows makes me think a lot. PDs that are making these possible really needs to go through countless brainstorming sessions with the team to keep their content refreshing for the viewers. Here are some variety shows that I’m currently watching 1. All theContinue reading “2 ongoing K Variety I love”

Idol Survivor Shows – Produce 101, 48

Super late into the game, but better late than never. After GOT7 mentioned that they are really grateful Produce X 101 is covering their songs which sparks my curiosity and went to catch the latest episode of Produce X 101. Produce X 101 Only 3 episodes into the new season. I have no clue howContinue reading “Idol Survivor Shows – Produce 101, 48”

Top 6 dramas from Jan – Mar 2019

One quarter of the year passed and here are some of the dramas I’ve completed these three months that worth mentioning again. I am not limiting this list to only a country since there ain’t much good HK dramas during these 3 months and more on the Kdramas side. 1. Memories for the Alhambra DefinitelyContinue reading “Top 6 dramas from Jan – Mar 2019”

Guide to All the Butler (Ep 1 – 3)

I guess I will be doing a series of guides based on the number of “Masters”. Even though this series aired quite some time (started since 2018), I only pull myself to start it recently. Currently, at the fourth master and all I can say, everyone brings a different story and inspiration which this isContinue reading “Guide to All the Butler (Ep 1 – 3)”

Korean Beer House, Seoul 대한맥주집

Enjoying the meal that most locals love, Chi-Maek (which is Fried chicken and Beer)! Lucky for us, there is a famous Chimaek place near our apartment which is within 15-20 mins walking distances. Native name: 대한맥주집 (Daehan Maekju jib) Address: 70-4, Myeongnyun 4-ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul Check out more reviews and exact location here: MangoPlate OrderContinue reading “Korean Beer House, Seoul 대한맥주집”

First Impression: Touch Your Heart (2019)

Genre: Romance, Legal, Comedy This is one of my highly anticipated K Drama in 2019 and they finally release! From the teasers that tVN released, I first thought it will be a melodrama or more towards the sentimental romance. It turns out to be a Rom-Com, which is my favourite genre. #1 Trying hard toContinue reading “First Impression: Touch Your Heart (2019)”

GOT7 – New Sub unit? World tour?

Just OMG! At 13 Feb 2019, 12AM (KST), both JYP Entertainment and GOT7 Official Twitter Account dropped the 18 seconds teaser that is leaving mystery for ahgases to solve. What ahgases decipher during the 12 hours spent, which I feel that I’m in a fandom with talented detectives! Sub unit? JUS2  “First dot connects withContinue reading “GOT7 – New Sub unit? World tour?”