Members from X1 showing support and love for Seungyoun aka WOODZ ‘EQUAL’

Yesterday, Cho Seungyoun aka WOODZ dropped his 1st mini album ‘EQUAL’ and title track ‘Love Me Harder’ and the members of X1 all flood with love and support through their personal Social media accounts. Of course there are more people sharing love like UNIQ’s Zhou Yixuan, GOT7’s Yugyeom, Jimin Park, Actor Sunho and more showContinue reading “Members from X1 showing support and love for Seungyoun aka WOODZ ‘EQUAL’”

‘Produce X 101’ trainees proves that friendship is still going strong

Kim Min Kyu, Hangyul and Lee Jin Hyuk posted a photo of them with other trainees who are also members of X1’s Yohan and Dohyon. Even though I’m not exactly sure what event pull them back together, but I love to see them maintain the friendship built through Produce X 101. But from Hangyul’s caption,Continue reading “‘Produce X 101’ trainees proves that friendship is still going strong”

H&D (Hangyul and Dohyon) release singles ‘Toward tomorrow’

Following the disbandment, Hangyul and Dohyon is the first to made any appearance under their agency and on the 5 Feb 2020, they released their 1st single. Toward tomorrow sounds like a road that they are going through after being placed at the position caused by adults. The amount of pain and loneliness others mightContinue reading “H&D (Hangyul and Dohyon) release singles ‘Toward tomorrow’”

Reunited at Hangyul and Dohyon’s fan meet

Half of X1 is reunited during Hangyul and Dohyon’s fan meeting in Seoul, South Korea on 1 Feb 2020. When I saw twitter flooded with the appearance of Yohan, Eun Sang and Dongpyo at the fan meet level 2, I was really happy. After that, Seungyoun joined them and through some video clips, we canContinue reading “Reunited at Hangyul and Dohyon’s fan meet”

X1 disbandment

Still unable to accept the fact that I can no longer see the 11 boys performing together on the stage where they shine best. My favorite group after GOT7, X1 is my bias Kpop group ever since I followed Produce X 101 series from the beginning and felt to attach to them ever since. IContinue reading “X1 disbandment”

X1 Debut 100th Day

We are going to ignore all the negativity that’s brought upon and here is just to celebrate their 100th day since debut on 27 Aug 2019. Fans all around the world is missing them and feel like we are in a constant battle ever since the PD’s mistake. People are blind by the fact ofContinue reading “X1 Debut 100th Day”

X1 on Idol League

No. of episodes: 5 Genre: Variety Original network: STARK YouTube This is the other variety by far, after Idol Room, that I really enjoyed with X1 as a group. Guess, dance and food They compete for food with the game of x3 music guessing and dancing game. Some spoilers: This is super cute when YohanContinue reading “X1 on Idol League”

Idol Room: X1 debut with Flash

No doubt, idol room is the variety show that I really look forward to when the Kpop groups I’m supporting do a comeback. Hosted by Jeong Hyeong-don and Defconn, this duo really doing a good job ever since Weekly Idol times where all the 2x dance started. Episode 67 featuring X1 (Kshow123) Original network: JTBCContinue reading “Idol Room: X1 debut with Flash”

Birth of X1 – Produce X 101

Produce X 101 aired its final episode on the 19 Jul 2019 and X1 is born. The 11-member group will be preparing for their debut stage as X1 on 27 August at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. OUI Entertainment produce the champion, the center for X1 in this season of Produce X 101. Both StarshipContinue reading “Birth of X1 – Produce X 101”