Best New Actors and Viewers’ Choice – Extraordinary you

The main cast of Extraordinary You won rookie awards during the MBC Drama Awards held on 30 Dec 2019. No doubt, Extraordinary You is my top favorite drama of the year and I am so happy to see them walking up the stage to receive the award of recognition. Double happiness when we have 2Continue reading “Best New Actors and Viewers’ Choice – Extraordinary you”

6 characters we need to appreciate too in Extraordinary you

Have I not emphasis enough on how much I love Extraordinary you? The fact that I am still not over it, here is a few supporting roles that I really love and left strong impression on me as well. Disclaimer: Supporting roles of Extraordinary you only exclude Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon), Haru (SF9’sContinue reading “6 characters we need to appreciate too in Extraordinary you”

Review: A-Teen 2

No. of episodes: 20 Genre: School, Romance, Friends, Webseries Native title: 에이틴 2 Original network: Playlist Global This is a sequel from A-Teen, A-Teen 2 features student life in their final year of High School, the transition from 18 to 19 year old. In the sequel, we have 2 additional members, Ryu Joo Ha (GoldenContinue reading “Review: A-Teen 2”

Review: Extraordinary you

No. of episodes: 32 Genre: Fantasy, School, Romance Native title: 어쩌다 발견한 하루 Original network: MBC This is probably one of my favorite drama that only rank one below Hotel del Luna. It is pretty sad that it is coming to an end. The drama really took me by surprise. Awesome production and story thatContinue reading “Review: Extraordinary you”

Review: A-TEEN

No. of episodes: 24 Genre: School, Friends, Webseries Native title: 에이틴 Original network: Playlist Global The six friends and 2 Hanas The mini web series revolves around 6 high school students and what happen at the age of 18. Not all of them study in the same class, but they are all connected because ofContinue reading “Review: A-TEEN”

Highlights from Ep 25 to 28 Extraordinary you

The amount of variables in these four episodes is crazy. The script is really good for all the actors and actresses. Shin Sae Mi (Kim Jin In), Baek Kyung, Haru, Ju Da and Do Hwa’s role really stands out to me. Warnings to Haru Dried Squid Fairy been through the phrase in Trumpet Creeper thinkingContinue reading “Highlights from Ep 25 to 28 Extraordinary you”

7 times Do Hwa (Extraordinary You) stole your heart

Do Hwa arh~ I hope after Ju Da admit to her self awareness, you guys can be together in shadow!  Jung Gun Joo is right here stealing hearts and cause the increase effect on the second-lead syndrome. In case you are not sure what happened, you can check out the first impression on the drama,Continue reading “7 times Do Hwa (Extraordinary You) stole your heart”

First impression: Extraordinary you

No. of episodes: 32 (30 min/ep) Genre: School, Romance, Fantasy Native title: 어쩌다 발견한 하루 Original network: MBC After watching W – Two Worlds, I was really attracted by the fantasy written script based on the comic world, the voice of the comic characters. Drawn in Eun Dan Oh (acted by Kim Hye Yoon) bornContinue reading “First impression: Extraordinary you”